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u feel me tho

2013-08-26 23:46:09 by Kaspoogle

I just deleted every news post I've ever made except for the first one and one that nubbinownz commented on.

Please love me.

Frooty Loops.

2008-09-11 04:29:31 by Kaspoogle

I finally got my computer running again... after it blew up... and i finally got FL.

I have kind of got the hang of it now... kind of.. and finally got something good enough to submit...

All it really is, is a guitar, a mangeled drum loop, bass and reverb...

Anyway i doubt anyone will read this, or listen to the song for that matter. but i will post this anyways.


2007-12-14 22:56:35 by Kaspoogle

Now that my audio carrer is off to a flying start, i will quit audio and wait till X-mas when my brother gets me flash and reason.


2007-12-13 03:15:01 by Kaspoogle

I have given up on photoshop sigs, and have moved on to music!
I am almosty finished my first clip.